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Spam in WordPress-a sick topic at all times. Such is the fee for popularity and open source engine. It remains either to tolerate or to combat this problem. Moreover, the popularity and poseshaemosti do not affect the statistics of spam. websites with zero attendance can successfully spam at times more than rating sites with decent attendance. Protection of WordPress from spam in our case will be carried out proven plugins that can be found in the “store” WordPress. This material can be called ” WordPress spam – how I got rid of spam.” We present to your attention a “gentleman’s” set of plugins that allow you to completely get rid of spam in WordPress (with a brief description of the plugins). Immediately note that I do not use the popular anti-spam plugin Aksimet (not hunting to play with registrations).

WordPress spam-a set of plugins to protect wordpress from spam

1. The first plugin that will protect our WordPress Site from spam is Antispam Bee. the Plugin is perfectly localized, so the setting to describe no sense, and the default settings are optimal. The only thing that can be added is to mark the item “Use common anti-spam database” in order to expand the spam filter. The plugin perfectly copes with the fight against spam without registration (unlike Aksimet), has a flexible configuration and statistics.

wordpress spam

2. For the second number goes we have a old BotBlocker. at the time of writing, the plugin has not been updated for 5 years, but the nemenee works and copes with its task. Again – the default settings do not need to be changed, just install and activate the plugin.

wordpress spam block in the comments

3. WordPress spam – additional protection of drops. After you install the previous plug-ins, captcha, as such, in principle, not particularly necessary. But, as the saying goes – “better perebdet, than nedobdet.” Crawling for this plugin Captcha Code easy to install and configure – without unnecessary movements, get a simple captcha. Note that just installing captcha comments almost does not block spam (and were tested almost all plugins in this direction, which are available in the collection of engine plugins).

wordpress spam captcha

With this set of plugins, protecting wordpress from spam no longer seems like an impossible task. It is this combination of plugins allowed to completely get rid of spam on several serviced WordPress sites, which are actively “bombed” spam for a long time.

There is one more vulnerability in terms of spam in WordPress-manual spam-but nothing can be done about it. I am glad that this type of spam is a drop in the sea, compared to automated spam mailing, and is extremely rare.

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