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Consider the list of plugins that should be installed immediately after installing WordPress and before any serious further work on the site, in my humble subjective opinion of course. In the future, of course, to deal with the system – each will choose a suitable set of required plugins for their needs, but this guide I hope will help beginners who are just starting to learn the basics of administration WordPress and can begin your way right, avoiding some mistakes in the beginning.

WordPress-what to install first again?

Essential Plugins

1. RusToLat or WP Translitera.

Two plugins do the same thing – create “beautiful” links for blog materials in transliteration from the titles of articles/headings. What to use-to choose You – in work identical. (If you want the Cyrillic addresses of the pages – not installed). Should be installed before beginning placement of materials by far.

2. Yoast SEO

SEO plugin-truly “combine”, which adds most of the SEO functions of the Essentials-customizable fields keywords, description, title, allows you to configure templates for automatic generation of all this good, adds Sitemap and much more. Worthy of a separate article on the setting, which soon I hope will appear. Again – what can be the materials without proper SEO optimization – set in the first place unambiguously. (Alternatively you can mark the plugin All in one SEO pack is also multi-functional and equally popular).

Additional plug-ins for specific tasks

With the most” vital ” in fact everything-with these two plugins, you can safely start to work and create a full – fledged website, all other functions WordPress more than solve most of the problems. Here are a couple of plugins needed for specific tasks, is also likely to be useful.

3. Autoptimize

Optimization and compression of scripts and styles – the easiest to configure and the most problem-free implementation of this functionality in this plugin (although the plugin solves an important problem – the speed of loading the site-in the first place it is still not included, as it makes it very difficult to work with the code at the initial stage, but when the design issue is solved -)

4. Polylang

Not quite a standard, but nevertheless a common task – the implementation of a multi-lingual site on WordPress. This plugin to cope with this task is almost the best, and also free, unlike other popular plug-ins.

5. WooCommerce

Well, if you decide to make an online store on WordPress – without this plugin anywhere. WooCommerce and there is an online store plugin “at all times”, as they say. A little bit tricky, but nevertheless super functional and, if you look, quite convenient and equipped to deploy even the largest and most professional projects.

Security and anti-spam

When the basic settings are over, it’s time to think about security and anti-spam (in WordPress, this problem is particularly acute).

6. iThemes Security

One of the most functional security plugins with a huge number of features. For a beginner it may seem a little difficult, but it is worth mastering. Also has some anti-spam features.

7. Antispam Bee

A great plug-in to combat spam. It has many functions and does not require any registrations. One of the plugins that helped me almost completely get rid of spam in WordPress


WordPress – a great system with many opportunities and a huge number of quality additions, and what to use-it’s up to you! But, I hope, this article will help newcomer, to quickly get used to the system and quickly move on to the development of the site – passing (at least initially) – hours of searching for the necessary priority plugins.

And of course – if he missed – I will be glad to review the list, you can always expand)


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