WordPress – how to recreate thumbnails

This question may put an impasse newcomer who is just starting to work with WordPress – “Why did I specify the new size of the thumbnails in the settings, and the site they are not displayed?”. Everything is very simple – WordPress generates thumbnails for the sizes specified in the settings only when you first load images and if you change the size after the pictures are on the hosting, the new sizes do not appear. It is very easy to recreate (regenerate) miniatures to new sizes with the help of specially designed plugins.

WordPress – how to recreate thumbnails using plugins

In General, by entering the plug-in installation panel search query “Regenerate Thumbnails” will receive an issue of several dozen plug-ins designed for this, but consider the two most popular Regenerate Thumbnails and Force Regenerate Thumbnails, which do the same, but have one significant difference in operation. (description of the installation will not describe – it is standard, and plugins do not have any settings). Once installed in the control panel, you will find both plug-ins in menu item “Tools”. And the page of working with plugins will have only one button to re-create thumbnails, so do not be mistaken.

So what is the difference in these miniatures regeneration plugins in WordPress? And it is the Regenerate Thumbnails – creates a new image size but does not remove the old and Force Regenerate Thumbnails – after creation – remove unused sizes.

It is logical to assume that the plugin Regenerate Numbers is more suitable for old sites, which are supposed to use the previous sizes of thumbnails (you can not be afraid that there will be lost images, etc.), but Force Regenerate Numbers will be useful if you are sure that after re – creating the old sizes will not be used, and you can simply significantly clean up the “garbage” site-a problem that is particularly acute in sites on WordPress with prolonged use, especially on sites with ever-changing multimedia content.

I hope that this information floor, semi-philosophical material will be useful for You and will facilitate the assimilation of the great CMS WordPress




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