Woocommerce remove the category name and the title on the page showcase

The essence of the task-to remove the title (title) of the category and the title on the page shop window woocommerce actually on the page category.

What does it do? Well, for example to implement arbitrary h1 header on the category page of the store, to do this you must first remove the header (title) of the category of the page itself. If you are not using the integration of the shop via woocommerce.php, the problem is solved by editing the product category template:


If integration occurs with woocommerce substitution.php to do this, use the following code added to



Moreover, this code works in both implementations of integration.

After we have deleted the title of woocommerce – h1 category, you can write directly into the content description of any content. (On the product page the title is displayed by regular means).

Tested on the working shop version 3.1.1

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