Woocommerce remove /product/, / product-category / or/ shop / from links text

Good news and a solution to the perennial problem of Woocommerce (or rather not the problem and the functions which can could not be implemented from the beginning of the creation of this planika store, and SEOs will not be allowed to live in peace, if hard to get to give at the mercy of them your website). Finally the ability remove /product/, /product-category/ or /shop/ text links to the Woocommerce shop and Woocommerce short url without intermediate links.

You can Remove from url Woocommerce /product/, /product-category/ and / shop / in the following way:


In function.php add the following code:

After that, custom permalinks (“Settings – Permalinks”) Woocommerce as default (if you changed them). Or according to this screen:

woocommerce permanent links

With this realization I usually use another trick – appoint a storefront home page that helps to further get rid of the double links in the window that contains “shop”.

Shortcuts will have the form, respectively, category and product: “nathanaelagreene/category” and “nathanaelagreene/product”. Well, the main page is now a showcase can be customized to your liking with plugins or edit the template witryny.

In this way get a nice short url of the Woocommerce store without the intermediate sections of the product type, product-category and shop.

At the time of writing (and accordingly the method is applied in practice) on WordPress version 4.8 and woocommerce store 3.1.0. The store is working and constantly updated, so we will keep track of how this method will lead to the latest versions of the bundle and not fall off if anything with the next updates


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