Watermark virtuemart 3 – WORKING (universal watermark with htaccess for joomla, wordpress, opencart, etc.)

watermark virtuemart 3 – another headache for the webmaster, in a super functional plugin store, which should be able to do everything, but for some reason, it is not as always provided by the elementary and necessary in many cases, the function. This method is a universal method of applying watermark using htaccess, which will work on any engine site joomla, wordpress, opencart, drupal, modx, etc.Consider the instructions on the example of virtuemart 3, as the watermark problem in this plugin is the most acute. For other engines similar.

Features of this script Watermark virtuemart 3 (virtuemart 3 watermark):

  • solved the problem with black backgrounds in PNG pictures with transparent backgrounds!;
  • works on almost any engine;< / li>
  • relative ease of installation and configuration (we will try to describe the process to the maximum so that the “relative” becomes “factual”);
  • ability to apply watermark on different groups of images (provided that the pictures are in different folders).

watermark virtuemart 3 using htaccess-implementation:

Consider the option when the watermark in virtuemart 3 will be applied only to a certain group of images (in this case, the image-prevyu in the product catalog). The General sense of installing the script-in the folder with the desired images to create files that control the work of watermark. For virtuemart 3, the thumbnail folder for the product catalog is on the way:


In this folder, create a file .htaccess with the contents:

Next, in the same folder, create a file watermark.php with the contents:

And in the same folder throw a picture watermark.png. Then we get a watermark on all images of the goods in the catalog. To make the overlay work on the product page itself, we perform similar manipulations in the folder:


(carefully monitor the correct paths in the htaccess file).

If you want to overlay all the images on the site, you can apply this method to the root folder with images, or do everything in the root of the site once. For different groups of images, the method is considered due to the fact that the pictures in the catalog and on the product page often have different sizes and the size of the watermark for them, must be, respectively, different.

! Remember – the actions specified in the .htaccess also works in all subfolders.

Possible problems installing watermark using htaccess :

As for the problems on your part – the only reason the script can fail may be incorrectly spelled out path in the htaccess file, the rest of the causes of problems are usually associated with the configuration and hosting capabilities. In such cases, feel free to contact with questions in support of hosting – save yourself time and nerves.

  1. one possible reason why watermark in virtuemart 3 (and others) does not work may be the presence of gif|jpg|png|JPG type files in the list of static files that are processed by nginx and .htaccess does not work for them (default setting in popular ukraine.com.ua or u.ua). Treatment – simply remove these types of files from the list, or if there is no such possibility – apply to the hoster.
  2. For nginx it is often included prohibition htaccess in the subfolders. Again – the best way to contact hoster’s support.

Also an important point-the script increases the load on the hosting, as each image is processed every time you access it, so if You have in the catalog of goods, on one page pagination a lot of goods-the load can fade significantly.

Watermark virtuemart 3 – this implementation really works and is already implemented in several projects. Last but not least – solved the problem with a black background.

There are paid watermark plug-ins in virtuemart 3, although even some paid options could not be run in conjunction with joomla + virtuemart 3 or self-revision scripts. This solution is free and not difficult to implement.

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