Viewing SVG in Windows Explorer

view SVG in windows ExplorerIn his work the sites often use izobrazhaya in SVG format – great for WEB format, postalease to realize high-quality design and easy to use. To edit vector formats there are many editors for all platforms. But in Windows there is no such necessary functions as predosmotr miniatures (thumbnaile) SVG files in Explorer (in contrast to the popular raster formats such as png or jpeg) that makes the job of finding and uporyadochivaniyu SVG file format in your media library are extremely uncomfortable.

The method of searching a solution was found – is a wonderful application that extends the capabilities of Windows Explorer and allow the system to create prevue SVG images for easy viewing. The app is called Svg Explorer Extension that you can download on the official page razrabotchika:

>> Go <<

Or via direct links:

>> i386 <<

>> 64 <<

Although update of the program completed in 2012, temnemenee everything works fine in the latest versions of Windows 10 and it also supports the old Windows 7 and 8.

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