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In their projects of great importance predelay minimize the code, to accelerate the speed of website loading. And simple jQuery slider is a plugin ResponsiveSlides.js has become a real godsend. The plugin has many standard flexible settings and as mentioned – the slider is very light and easy to use. Do not see that you need to connect a separate js file – the file contains a minimum of code, and if you want you can simply copy its contents into your main script file of the site.

Note that to configure “for yourself” – you need minimal knowledge of css.

Adaptive jQuery slider ResponsiveSlides.js-examples of use.

For starters – the official website of the author – there is basic information in English and the ability to download:

>> Author’s page (+Demo) <<

to pass the connection itself. As always it is standard:

or as discussed above-you can simply copy the contents of responsiveslides.min.js in the main js file of the website.

the markup for the slider on the page:

As you can see – it is easier nowhere, besides, you can register alt, title images and add links and text to the design <li>…& lt;/li & gt; – so the output will get not just an adaptive jQuery slider, but also full – fledged and at the same time simple jQuery SEO slider – the content of which is well indexed and benefits in the promotion (please note-here realzova the simplest slider structure, if you add additional blocks to the content, do not forget to specify additional styles for them).

CSS styles of plain jQuery slider:

Styles connect separate file there is no sense – so just copy them to your css file site:

Please note that you can write for themselves – in this implementation, the slider will be scaled by the width of the available content, also the design jQuery slider can be wrapped in a div with your desired settings.

Well and actually function of initialization of the slider:

and for WordPress separately:

Simple jQuery slider-fine tuning:

Basic settings of the jQuery slider, despite its simplicity – is quite broad and You will easily be able to give it the desired look to fit your Guindy. Settings are written in the initialization script code. Next, the code with comments – what parameters to use-you decide:


As always – link to personal stash: Download

Sample work right on the page:

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