Opencart2 installation – Opencart2x installation manual, ocStore2x

Installation instructions 2 Opencart, ocStore 2 – instrukciya initial level. In fact, the installation of opencart there is nothing complicated and it is not much different from any system of managing the site. In this article we will consider the installation of Opencart and ocStore of the second version, which is absolutely no different from each other. Will continue to write but just assumed Opencart and ocStore. Which Assembly to use up to You (at the end there will be some digression with the subjective opinion on this issue)

Opencart 2 install (+install ocStore 2)

Instructions for installing Opencart 2 Step 1: file Preparation

Download the latest build engines from the official websites:

Opencart 2:

ocStore 2:

Then unpack the archive and look inside the folder uploads. Its contents and uploaded to the hosting via FTP. As a result, you should get the following directory and file structure on the hosting in the root of the site (usually a folder with the domain name, or a subfolder www) :

installation instructions opencart 2

Next you need to rename the file config-dist.php in config.php. Their two-one is in the root of the site, the other in the folder admin.

Opencart 2 InstallationStep 2: installing on hosing

To start installing Opencart 2 you just need to go to the address of our site and we will get to the first page of step-by-step installer engine (in pure Opencart page will be in English):

setting open cards step 1

as to choose and fill is nothing special – click on “Continue” and continue the installation therefore.

The following page tells us that the system is ready to install Opencart. Carefully check that all files are writable and that you have renamed config-dist.php files.

opencart-2 setting

Choose on this page have nothing, so I press “Continue” and move on.

On the next installation screen you need to enter the data of our database and login and password to the admin panel of the site.

opencart-2 ocstore 2 setting

Information to fill in the database fields is taken in the hosting control panel when creating a database. Database driver MySQLi leave. The port entered default, as a rule, suitable for any hosting.

In the second section of the page enter the login and password to the admin site. It is recommended to change the default login admin to another and do not use common usernames like adm, administrator, etc. In the mailing address field – wooden your mail, with it will be possible to recover the password incase of forgetting. Again, the cherished button “Continue” and proceed to the last step.

Opencart Installation 2 Step 3: the end of the installation and transition to operations

At the last stage, the installer informs us about the successful installation and notifies us that it is necessary to delete the install folder on the hosting before proceeding to the site operation. We follow the recommendations, after which our site is available at the main address and you can proceed to the content and administration.


And here a digression on the theme of Opencart Ocstore or perhaps moved to a separate article. Let me just note that he has long expressed a preference for Ocstore (and stopped on 1.5 version), and will soon move on to other engines for creating online stores pass away not going (opyatzhe – lyrics separately).

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