Opencart (ocStore) 1.5 – index reviews

As you know (or some do not know) that in Opencart (ocStore), visitors added reviews are not indexed by search engines. Our task is to print the reviews “correctly”, so that the text of the reviews is physically on the page, and not loaded with queries, and indexed by the robots, thereby adding to the page additional useful content.

Opencart (ocStore) 1.5 x-indexing reviews by search engines-bugfix:

To change the feedback output, make edits to the product card template file:


Find the line:

and replace it with the following content:

That’s the whole setup.

opencart ocstore index reviews

As you can see, the changes are small and will take You a little time, but the revision itself is very useful and, I think, should be implemented in each store on Opencart or ocStore. Especially a big plus in relation to the store on the part of search engines can get resources with active visitors who leave a lot of reviews (well, if the owners of the store are engaged in reviews). Also useful to those who have a specific product and a lot of text in the description will not write or lazy, who do not want to do it, thus you can shift this hard work on the shoulders of visitors (provided that they are). Anyway, now in our store on Opencart or ocStore indexing reviews search engines works fine, and if you are looking for an article on this subject, you know what it is).


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