OcStore (Opencart) 2.3 and SEOPRO is to change the redirect from 302 to 301

I got to Refine the site on OcStore 2.3-he has long ceased to develop sites on this engine (after version 1.5), according to “faith”, but the engine remains popular, especially among beginners and is often found in the work in terms of improvements and bug fixes.

So – the essence of the task was to set up a redirect after migrating to the new version from the old pages with index.php?route etc with a nice new CNC. Caused no problem – just turning on SEOPRO and writing aliases, redirection successfully earned. But here’s the old page give the server response is a 302 (temporary relocation), although, logically, such a page should send the response 301 (page moved with saving weight).

I found one (link at end) solution for previous versions and slightly tweaked 2.3 (in fact only changed the way)

OcStore (Opencart) 2.3 and SEOPRO is to change the redirect from 302 to 301 changes:

Find the file on the way:

And replace it in two sections:




Then the old page in OcStore 2.3 started correctly give the answer 301.

Once again, to clarify, this method works for OcStore (Opencart or) in conjunction with SEOPRO (OcStore is standard on clean Opencart installation is possible).

And as promised the link to the forum thread, which discusses this topic on OpenControl: https://opencartforum.com/topic/70578-resheno-smenit-redirekt-okonchaniya-v-seopro-s-302-na-301/

There You will find the file paths for earlier versions and discussion of other ways.


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