Installing WordPress (WordPress) – instructions

As in all typical control systems website – WordPress installation (worpress) – the process is quite trivial and not complicated. And becoming numb, for some beginners, it will be easier, especially in the early times, follow clear instructions. Although, it is worth noting, the installation process and CMS installer is perfectly translated and intuitive. and a series of articles on the initial administration and the basics of working with this control system it is logical to start with the installation. So – consider a WordPress installation on hosting.

installing WordPress (WordPress) – instruction

First you need to download from the official website the latest version of the engine. Do the link:

To download recommended with of. site’s. Maybe You’ll find the download link on other sites with questionable “Goodies” – do not get fooled. The official release is perfectly localized and ready to go, the only thing you can get by downloading the engine from third – party resources-a hidden unreliable code.

Unpack the archive and load the contents of the folder wordpress hosting in the root of the site. (A little trick that will save you time on unpacking and unloading – uploaded to the hosting of the unzipped archive and all manipulations with the files that make in the file Manager of the hosting control panel – work with a large number of files goes much faster).

The only technical data that we will need during the installation process is the name, username, password and database server. You can view them on the hosting, in the control panel, or check with your administrator.

installing wordpress – getting started:

Next, go to the address of the site on which we install wordpress and get to the start page of the installation:

wordpress installation step 1

Feel free to click “Forward!”and proceed to the next step:

WordPress hosting installation

At this stage, the input previously received data in your database. Here is the data each will have its. The only thing we can recommend is to change the prefix to your in order different from the default (little recommendation in the direction of greater security). Click “Send” and move on. If all the data are correct – we propose to begin the installation that we do.


At this stage, there is nothing complicated – just enter your data – there should be no errors. The only thing-do not forget to save the entered password and the correct email address, with which you can restore the password if you lose or forget. Click “install wordpress” and after the message about the successful installation we get to the login page of the admin panel.

In any case, sign in administrativnyy bar wordpress has address:

WordPress Installation is complete and the site is ready to go. In the following reviews, let’s move on to the basics of administration and Rabta with the content of the site.

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