How to speed up joomla – some simple guidelines

speed up joomlaa Few simple rules that will help greatly to speed up joomla a website without any technical skills and long settings.

In its work on developing websites, I often try to avoid working with this control system (purely habit – joomla a great system for a large number of projects and to dissuade or scare anyone not going). But the service and “brought to sense” joomla sites on have gathered a lot of recommendations, which are often used in practice today will tell a few relatively simple ways to significantly to speed up joomla website. Consider the settings of the cms and plugins.

1. Caching Joomla – built functionality to speed up the site

Jumla has an excellent caching functionality out of the box, which significantly speeds up the download site and greatly reduces the load on the hosting. The disadvantage of this functionality is the fact that every time you change on the site, You will have to clear the cache to give the visitor updated pages, styles, etc.

Enable caching in admin panel in section :

System – preferences

Next, turn the cache according to the screenshot:

joomla site acceleration cache


After this manipulation is already possible to observe a significant increase in the loading speed of the website.

2. Acceleration Joomla by compressing and combining css and js using the plugin JCH Optimize

Why this plugin – Yes, simply because in spite of the variety of different modules and add-ons to joomla is one of the few plugins of this area, which cope with this task is the most easy and kachestvenno. In contrast to the majority of the project is developing and still, in contrast to the large number of “dead” plugins in this segment. Install the plugin and standard setting has ready-made presets, which are activated with one touch of a button, so the subtleties don’t need to understand and poking around in a pile of checkboxes and drop down lists no needed which is especially important for beginners. Let me just note that maximum optimization presets will bring the greatest increase website speed, but may cause problems with some scripts. If this situation occurs, simply activate the preset level below, or add the “problem” scripts.

3. Compression-level hosting – easy way to speed up a Joomla

Gzip compression at the level of hosting will significantly speed up a joomla website, plus get a few points for GoogleSpeed. To do this in the file:


in the site root add a section:

The operation check can be checked at the same GoogleSpeed service:

4. Caching in the browser of visitors

ECE one way to speed up Joomla website is to enable caching in the browser. You can do it in the same file


Added section:

After all the above manipulation of the website will be much faster to boot up visually and get a good rating monitoringu speed download from search sytsem.

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