How to move scripts into wordpress in the footer globally?

About the download speed it is hard to say, because often it happens that with increasing values of GoogleSpeed, the real page load time increases, but to please the search engine and different kinds of SEOs that one of the first items in their “studies” indicate as a drawback low rate of speed on Google, you can. So, how to move scripts to wordpress in footer globally, ie all in bulk.

And to do this is quite simple – in the file:


Themes, in any place (not breaking syntax php, of course), adding:

After these manipulations, all scripts will be loaded at the end of the page in footer .

The method is not a panacea and there is a high probability that moving scripts can cause malfunctions in jquery, but you can try it better (the performance of the method will depend on the plugins used on the site and their connected scripts).

If there are errors in the jquery operation, you can try to exclude the jQuery library itself.js and connect it standardly, replacing the connection string in the example with:

Despite the “critical” values GoogleSpeed (allegedly “experts”) – all the same, as practice shows, quality napolina and links have dozens (ATO, hundreds) of times more important than favorite SEOs this figure website. Yes, it is important, but still not as many say. And if You have a site in ” order “for all other parameters and want to” squeeze the maximum ” – test method.


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