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Opencart (ocStore) 1.5 – index reviews

As you know (or some do not know) that in Opencart (ocStore), visitors added reviews are not indexed by search engines. Our task is to print the reviews “correctly”, so that the text of the reviews is physically on the page, and not loaded with queries, and indexed by the …

Installing WordPress (WordPress) – instructions

As in all typical control systems website – WordPress installation (worpress) – the process is quite trivial and not complicated. And becoming numb, for some beginners, it will be easier, especially in the early times, follow clear instructions. Although, it is worth noting, the installation process and CMS installer is …

WordPress plugins-Essentials

A short list of Wordpress plugins that will be useful to everyone. Necessary plug-ins, which should be installed immediately after the deployment of the site, and which add the necessary basic functionality for the full operation of the site