Bootstrap the Bootstrap connection to the website (template) manual

Short manual on the topic of “How to connect to the Bootstrap website? ” Or ” how do I connect Bootstrap to a template?“. For advanced Bootstrapеров material may seem too elementary, but for novice webmasters just starting to learn the basics of adaptive versky, may well come in handy. this documentation can be found in the bourgeois language on the official website. Here is placed not a translation, but a simplified instruction from yourself, as is usually done in practice.

how do I connect Bootstrap to my site?

You can download the framework files via the link:

unpack the archive and get three folders: css, font, js.

We load them in the form as it is on the hosting (it is assumed that we plan to use all the features of Bootstrap), usually in the folder with the template styles or the folder of site styles (depending on the internal structure of the engine, template, site – download folder does not matter, the main thing is to correctly specify the path to the desired files). Bootstrap the connection to the site is reduced to connecting the two files, the main file of styles bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap file.js – basically the jqury biblioteki bootstrap (used for EXT. features, such as call modal Windows, effects etc, if You don’t plan to use them, the file is not connected). So, connect the necessary files in the section <head></head& gt; site:


in principle, and all-we have connected Bootstrap to the site and will be able to use the features of the library. The bootstrap framework will work on all sites and all engines. To CMS WordPress Bootstrap can be connected in another way, read about it in the article ” Connect your scripts and styles in WordPress”



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